You can find on this page a map showing Barcelona boroughs and a map presenting Barcelona neighborhoods. Barcelona boroughs & districts called Distritos are the administrative divisions that share Barcelona in 10 municipal boroughs. Within each of its boroughs, the neighborhoods are making the charm and the reputation of the city of Barcelona.

Barcelona Boroughs & Districts (Distritos) Map

Barcelona district map

The division of Barcelona into boroughs dates from 1984 with a division into 10 districts & 73 neighborhoods.

Today, the boroughs are:

• Ciutat Vella
• Eixample
• Sants-Montjuïc
• Corts
• Sarrià - Sant Gervasi
• Gràcia
• DHorta - Guinardó
• El Nou Barris
• Sant Andreu
• Sant Martí

Barcelona Neighborhoods Map

Barcelona neighborhoods map

Barcelona reputation is made by its diverse neighborhoods, in which you will find monuments, squares or cultural venues.

These include:

• Quartier Gothique
• Barceloneta
• Barcelona Sants
• Bogatell / Ciutadella
• Montjuïc
• Born
• Plaça Espanya
• Eixample
• Rambla
• Horta-Guinardó
• Gràcia